10 reasons to choose the PromoDek modular flooring system

Let’s give you 10 good reasons to choose PromoDek® as your temporary modular floor system:

Simply because it’s…


  1. the ideal temporary flooring solution for events, trade shows, shop-in-shops and pop up stores;

  2. a modular floor system that elevates your appearance;

    PromoDek® – We provide the floor, you decide on the appearance!

  3. versatility gives you unlimited creativity and branding opportunities;

  4. a modular system with standard elements, this means flexibility in size and shape;

    PromoDek assembly

  5. easy and cost effective to update graphics and change the look-and-feel of the floor. Only new prints or inlays, at minimum costs;

    PromoDek® - CubCadet - summer standPromoDek® - CubCadet - winter stand

  6. easy to install, no professional installation or dismantling needed;

  7. easy to move or reposition, no hiring of external workers;

  8. durability is unprecedented. This means many years of use;

  9. so strong, it can hold 1.000 kg/10 cm2, it even holds a car or small truck;

    PromoDek - Car platform Rolls Royce

    Car platform Rolls Royce – China – Powered by PromoDek®

  10. simple to replace elements in case of unforeseen damage;

    PromoDek Modulair floor display system - Audi

    Modular car platform Audi – Powered by PromoDek®

  11. light weighted and therefor user friendly to work with;

  12. easy to hide your wiring under the floor;

    BRP Stand Japan Motor Show 2017 - Powered by PromoDek - 06

    BRP Stand – Japan Motor Show 2017 – Powered by PromoDek®

  13. clever design means minimum storage space when not in use

    PromoDek - Stacking

  14. carbon footprint minimal, reduce and reuse, minimize waste, reuse the floor as often as you need.

  15. frame finishing means easy accessibility for wheelchairs

  16. designed and manufactured in Europe under the highest safety and working standards.

  17. cost effective with a high ROI


Oops, that’s a bit more than ten.. But would you still like more info on PromoDek®?
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