Infomat FloorWindo

25 years of product development

There have been a lot of changes since the first product of Windo Displays was put on the market. The first type of floor advertisement was called Infomat. This product was redesigned multiple times till it transformed into the current FloorWindo. We will show you an important piece of history that has contributed to who we are today.

The Infomat

In the mid 80’s there were some students who studied at Delft University of Technology. They realized that the floor was one of the last places in shops and supermarkets that could be used for marketing and display purposes.

Every day they walked through Delft’s railway station and it were the trains time-tables, displayed in the central hall, which gave rise to the idea of the Infomat. A rubber mat in which a poster could be displayed underneath a transparent screen. The students proudly presented the concept to the shoe sole company, but they never really picked it up.

Ten years later one of the students, Thijs Rietveld, with a friend and some funds, manufactured the first batch of Infomats.  



In 1993, 100 Infomats sounded like a staggering amount. Producing them had taken minutes a piece, and making sure that all of the units where top of the bill took even longer. Visiting shops, trade shows and countless other venues finally brought Thijs and his business partner to the Plastics Fair in Utrecht. This was the place that connected them to the right people and eventually resulted in the formation of a team of 6 people.


The FloorWindo

The Infomat was quickly renamed to appeal to a wider audience and so it was called FloorWindo. In 1994 the company was officially established using the name FloorWindo International B.V. The first product, FloorWindo A1 Classic, was released to the market in 1995 and since than many different variants were added to the range.


The bottom of the Infomat was fully made of rubber and was covered with a transparent plastic plate which wasn’t attached to the bottom. The FloorWindo Classic was very similar to the Infomat but it’s bottom was made of both rubber and plastic which made the product much lighter. Stil it was a difficult job to place posters in the FloorWindo and this was the reason FloorWindo Next Generation was created. Instead of a loose plastic plate this FloorWindo uses a plate which is attached to the bottom. The border also became smaller and the height was reduced. The Next Generation series are still produced in 4A4 and A0 size. A new type of FloorWindo was made a couple of years later: the 5 Series. This type comes in A1 size and can be recognized by its curve.

Modern times demand a modern design and therefore we can never stop improving our FloorWindo’s. With 25 great years of product development we are excited to see what the next two and half decades will bring.

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