The 5 do's and don'ts of Point of Sale advertising

The 5 do’s and don’ts of Point of Sale advertising

Excellent article by toonvangalen on the do’s and don’ts of Point of Sale advertising.
Do it well or don’t do it at all! We couldn’t agree more.

POPAI, the trade association of the marketing at retail industry, has also put together several articles and presentations on Vision Tracking. Time and time again measurements show that shoppers focus on the floor and counter surfaces right in front of them. Don’t just take our word for it, measurements show the FloorWindo and DeskWindo display the message right where it matters most!

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Originally posted on toonvangalen:

95% of Point of Sale material goes unnoticed: do it well or not at all.

Typically around half of shoppers will not have noticed a single ad, after having been exposed to the several thousands of ads to in an average trip. We have interviewed many shoppers in stores full of yellow ceiling banners, and most had not noticed a single one of them.

Be in the right spot.

While measuring the impact of Point of Sale material in On Premise locations for a beverage using eye-tracking and recall, we found that people are looking into a visual funnel when they enter a place. They are finding their way looking at the floor and at obstacles they have to navigate. Then when reaching the counter they start looking more up to find a person. All they noticed where smaller point of sale materials standing on their own table, or standing directly in line of…

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