Consumer engagement: wait, what?

Over the last 20 years, Windo Displays has built up lots of expertise in everything associated with in-store communication and brand exposure. Recently we formulated our mission and vision statement to set a stronger corporate identity. Not only for internal use but also to inform & inspire all our customers about our driving force. ­


Our new mission statement is: To improve consumer engagement through innovative products and services. If you haven’t read it carefully, you would read customer engagement, but look closely! Yes, we really mean to say consumer engagement. I bet you are already questioning what the difference is.


Let me first start by defining what customer engagement is. The term, also often referred as CE, has been broadly discussed in academic marketing literature and many experts have expressed their vision about it. To combine a few definitions; CE is a multidimensional concept comprising cognitive, emotional and/or behavioral dimensions of customers’ reaction, motivation or participation in the interaction with an organization, product or brand that goes beyond purchase. (Brodie et al, 2011; Van et al, 2010 ; Mollen and Wilson, 2010 ; Shevlin, 2007) But let’s keep it simple, in other words: the connection between an organization, product or brand and its customers.


“the connection between an organization, product or brand and its customers.”

The FloorWindo communicating the newest game promotion towards consumers.

The FloorWindo communicating the newest game promotion towards consumers.


Here is where the attentive person may have seen the difference already (or just saw the underlining). The terms “consumer” and “customer” are often used interchangeably but we at Windo Displays acknowledge the very thin line between the two. And luckily there is a logical distinction made by others as well. It is commonly described that a consumer is the person who consumes/uses a product or service for their personal use. A customer is someone who has purchased a product or service from a business. So, the customer can be a consumer but the consumer is not necessarily a customer.


Considering the above, the reason why we use consumer engagement in our mission statement is because we want to make communication and engagement possible between businesses and those who will use the product or service from that business; thus consumers. Engagement is key in order to influence consumer behavior. For businesses this is highly important as it correlates directly with brand loyalty and sales growth. With our products, the message from businesses can be crossed over right where it matters in order to maximize the effect on consumer behavior.


DeskWindo 5 series Philips

Engaging with consumers right at the point of sale using the DeskWindo.


Understanding all of this, you might interpret our mission statement completely different than before. Moreover we hope you got to know our company a little better now!

Curious to find out how our products can help your customer or your own business in engaging with consumers? Fill out our contact form here and we will assist you.

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  1. David July 5, 2017

    Retail businesses can predict data on which item can get sold quickly and then fill up the shelves with that. But very less take advantage of retail analytics!

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