How do shoppers behave, what do they look at, where do they make their buying decision?

You’ve heard it before, but it’s still so relevant, we’re sure it will but just as inspiring the second time round! 

A lot has changed over the past few decades, from a couple of ads on tv or in dad’s newspaper to hundreds of brand messages and commercials on multiple mediums throughout the day. Shoppers are bombarded on every corner, be it online or offline.

Research shows time and time again that advertising works. If you take into account that a staggering 76% of all buying decisions are made in-store, it’s very clear where it pays to get your brand noticed. You guessed it right, in-store floor advertising and counter advertising is displayed right where it matters most That 76% figure is determined by asking shoppers what they intended to buy, and reporting on what they eventually left the shop with. Of all of the measurements that POPAI had made, this is one of the most reliable because it’s based on pre and post shopping interviews.

POPAI, the global association for marketing at retail released its findings from its Shopper Engagement Study about a year and a half ago. The study’s core methodology included those pre and post shopper interview formats, backed up by EEG equipment worn by 10% of the 2400 participants. In combination with the brainwave monitoring equipment, the group also wore eye-tracking devices.

Eye tracking point of sale

At the end of this article you’ll find the link to POPIA’s shopper engagement study. It’s fascinating to see how someone moves through an isle, what they focus on, how often their attention shifts. But what we find even more interesting is how you see the participant looking at the floor as he/she moves through the shop.

It’s a matter of instinct to see where you’re about to go, and on what surface you’re about to step. Not that long ago we still had to watch out for snakes, sharp rocks, tar pits and razor sharp bushes. See for yourself in the video POPAI made.

We hope we’ve sparked your interest in the full story so be sure to visit POPAI’s shopper engagement study

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