How to SPOOK up your In-Store Promotion Displays to Increase Halloween Sales

Halloween Tricks & Treats for Retailers to Increase Halloween Sales

In the retail world, the changing of seasons is a really big deal. In the fall, it means the marking down of anything “summery”. While unpacking and pricing Christmas products, Labor Day comes and goes and retailers must decide how to merchandise for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas at the same time! According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend $6.9 billion this year for Halloween alone. Of this $6.9 billion, $2.5 billion is expected to be spent on costumes and $2 billion is expected to be spent on last minute impulse buying like candy. The rest of these dollars divide among pet costumes, decorations and other Halloween novelties. The real question here, however, is how do you plan to get in on this action?<p>

Here we will share a few tricks and treats to help you share the enthusiasm of Halloween with your customers through a variety of in-store promotion ideas to increase your in-store sales during the holiday season.

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Dress for the “Halloween Customer”

Once you’ve encouraged people to enter your store, you need to keep up the theme of your windows. By adding to the experience that first captured their attention, you can help boost dwell time and drive purchases – whether planned or impulse. During the holidays in November and December, customer experience really is everything. A consistent and recognizable theme and a store littered with great experiences will capture attention during the festive season and improve your festive outlook.

Play With Signage

Signage can be directional, informational, or promotional. Smart visual cues guide your customer through your store strategically and provide them with the information they need, when they need it. Think of signage as an effective go-to source of information when your sales team is busy with other customers.


  • Play with graphics, imagery, and iconography to add personality to your store’s visual identity and draw your customer in. Your signs can serve up the information customers need while still being an extension of your brand — so have fun with them.
  • Ensure your signage can be understood at a glance. Use large, bold copy wherever possible.
  • Place signage where shoppers expect to see information and be sure to place signage in those key areas.

A great way to create a consistent theme throughout your store is by using floor poster graphics printed like monster footprints to help your customers find the best deals at your retail location.

Feature Products with In-Store Signage 

We love creating innovative ways to attract shopper’s attention. The key to making promotions like this a success is signage that can easily be modified with new graphics and counter mats that highlight your products without compromising space. We have worked with many retailers and brands to enhance their visual merchandising at the holidays, as well as all year round. The goal is to help our clients drive sales by creating meaningful engagement with our customized visual communication solutions.

As you’re developing your visual merchandising programs for the 2016 holiday season, we are ready to support you throughout the planning process. Feel free to contact us we’d love to help you find the right solutions to create an impact for your holiday sales campaigns.


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