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Instore advertisement that really stands out


ToyChamp is a Belgian retail chain that sells toys, multimedia, school supplies and seasonal items. Their store in Amersfoort is the biggest toy store of The Netherlands with an acreage of 2200 square meters! How do products stand out in such a big store? ToyChamp uses a lot of commercial material and their flooradvertisement is a real eyecatcher!



ToyChamp has been using FloorWindo’s for about a year and a half. Toy brands can choose to promote their product using the various FloorWindo’s. Boosting attention and attracting and directing  customers to specific spots instore. The picture shows you an example of a FloorWindo at ToyChamp Amersfoort.

FloorWindo ToyChamp

FloorCaster Pro

An innovative company as ToyChamp is always eager for new techniques to sell their products. Thanks to a great joined effort WindoDisplays and ToyChamp used such an innovative technique for two months to promote one specific product. The brand ‘Crazy Chic’ was promoted on the floor using an engaging video which was projected through a FloorCaster Pro. The FloorCaster Pro is a small device that can display any kind of footage onto the floor.

The FloorCaster Pro was connected to the store lighting so the video automatically started playing when the store opened. By using audio the promotion received even more attention.

FloorCaster ToyChamp


Windo Displays is proud to (again) push the boundaries of Instore Floor Advertising!


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