Maximising exposure at check out: Gas stations

Today’s gas stations do not only sell fuel, but are true service stations with retail and even catering facilities. A development that started some decades ago, traditional sales of tobacco declined and competition in gas prices fueled the need of other revenues. The basic idea is that getting gas leads to a physical presence in the ‘station’ so why not offer other products to the convenience of the customer.

Have you noticed that you’re always passing by the candy bars, chewing gum and chips, whilst oil, emergency triangle, wiper blades are more in the back of the store. It’s all about impulse buying. From an instore marketing point of view it means that apart from having impulse goods at ‘grabbing distance’, your attention is distracted by various promotional items.

DWA3-5 Petronas

By the time you’re ready to pay for the gas, you probably have a candy bar, some gum and a lighter to put on the counter. And while presenting your card, you notice the sign that offers you a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a croissant for only $ 0.99. Or a sign asking you to enroll in the loyalty program that offers you so many benefits every time you fill up your car. 

DeskWindo A4-5 Shell

We know what we’re talking about because many of the leading petrol brands have made counter advertising an integral part of their instore communication and we are happy they chose for the DeskWindo to do the job. The sleek, durable and attractively designed DeskWindo ‘decorates’ many check outs, informing and seducing the paying visitor.

DeskWindo - Repsol - open

Brands like Shell, Esso, Repsol, Gazprom, Petronas and BP are amongst our satisfied clientele. We invite other country HQ’s and other brands to experience the same and chose for high quality visibility at the check out!

Repsol Alicante

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