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PromoDek® Powershop – Cub Cadet 2018 Dealer Convention

Every year the leading brand in outdoor power equipment, Cub Cadet, organizes a dealer convetion to meet with their dealers and resellers. This year Windo Displays was invited to showcase the very successful Cub Cadet PromoDek® PowerShop! 

For Cub Cadet the dealer convention is the time to engage with their large dealer and reseller network. To listen and share information, to spend quality time and exchange thoughts, discuss new developments and the company strategy. This year there was not only a European delegation of resellers invited, but MTD Europe, Cub Cadet’s mother company, presented themselves at the dealer convention. Showing the success of the Cub Cadet brand in Europe.

Cub Cadet PowerShop - powered by PromoDek

Cub Cadet PowerShop – powered by PromoDek®

As Windo Displays we were fortunate to participate and be able to show the award winning Cub Cadet PowerShop concept to the US market. The PowerShop was developed in close cooperation with MTD Europe in order to improve brand recognition at the dealerships. The so called Powershop consists of a PromoDek® flooring solution in combination with vertical backdrops.

The PowerShop was specially designed for Cub Cadet as a shop in shop solution. Building the Cub Cadet brand and promoting products by lifting them up above the competitors products.

Imagine crowded showrooms with numerous equipment sometimes including those of the competition. How can you make your brand stand out? How can you claim your brands presence the way marketing prefers? Using PromoDek® means great visual impact by using creative graphics  in an outstanding promotional platform which is easily sizeable to fit the available space. Integrating vertical backdrops completed the presentation.

For the brand it means visibility and a clear statement. For the reseller it means having a high quality durable promotional platform from a leading brand in the industry. It’s good looking, has a high visual impact and adds to the professional presentation of the reseller. It was good to learn form the European resellers present in Nashville that they appreciated the PowerShop concept. Some of which belonged to the early users having their PromoDek® platform installed over two years ago.

Cub Cadet Powershop at a retail location in Europe

Cub Cadet PowerShop at a retail location in Europe

Since its introduction almost 500 PowerShops were successfully distributed throughout Europe. Without the need for a single professional for installation. For me it was good to learn that the US resellers loved the PowerShop concept. Talking to the MTD US  marketing people also led to positive feedback. 

Cub Cadet PromoDek PowerShop - 2018 Dealer Convention

Cub Cadet PromoDek PowerShop – 2018 Dealer Convention

It was really great to feel part of the big Cub Cadet family. Even as a vendor you’re appreciated for what you mean to the brand. We look forward to a close continued relationship for the years to come!

Arthur Diephuis – Managing Director of Windo Displays

Besides showcasing the Cub Cadet PowerShop we also got to display how our other products can be used to promote MTD equipment. Have a look at our Flickr account for some pictures of the brand new FloorCaster® Pro, the FloorWindo®, the DeskWindo® and B-line™ 2 in action!

Arthur Diephuis - FloorCaster Pro at Cub Cadet Dealer event 2018

Arthur Diephuis & FloorCaster Pro at the Cub Cadet 2018 Dealer Convention

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  1. Don Kittrell May 14, 2018

    What are the dates and location of this years Convention?

  2. Thorwald Meelis May 15, 2018

    Hi Don,

    Sorry, we don’t know. It might be best to ask Cub Cadet directly:

    Thorwald Meelis – Windo Displays

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