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Size matters, find out what’s best for you

You’ve compared products. You’re impressed with PromoDek’s flexibility and looks. Your decision is made, just one more thing, standard package or custom size?

In this post we will give you a quick overview of options so you can decide whether to choose a standard PromoDek® package, or go for a custom shape or size.


PromoDek® Packages

We offer several standard packages. Ranging in size from 1 x 1 meter up to 3 x 6 meter.
You can have a platform shipped to you with everything you need to get started. All you need are posters with your custom branding and you’re set to go!

These packages are available through our European webshop. Or, alternatively, you can send us a mail to request pricing and shipping for the US or any other country.

So how to choose between these 4 standard packages? In the video below you can see at a glance how big the different packages are.

All packages come with the required number of Basic XL Elements to build your floor to the advertised size. The Basic XL Elements form the backbone of the system.

You’ll also receive precisely enough Frames to lay down a sloping edge around your platform. For the corners you will find four corner pieces.
Then there is a specific amount of adapters so you can attach the Frames to the platform. And last but not least you will find the amount of Inlay XL‘s to match the number of Basic XL elements.

PromoDek 1x1 meter - Standard Package PromoDek 1x2_5 meter - Standard Package

PromoDek 3x3 meter - Standard Package PromoDek 3x6 meter - Standard Package

PromoDek 3x6 meter reduced - Standard Package


PromoDek®, custom size

If you have ever played with Lego you are more than qualified to assemble a PromoDek platform.  This is also the reason why most platforms are sold as custom size kits.

So if you are looking for a custom platform for a shop in shop setup, just get the exact dimension you need. Or, if you have multiple places instore, of multiple venues, just get every platform to fit the available space exactly. Just fill out our request a quote form and let us know your requirements. We will help you design the perfect platform.

If you prefer to design the platform by yourself. All elements are sized relative to each other. So if you keep in mind that a PD Basic XL element is 50 x 50 cm ( 20″ x 20″)  you can easily figure out how to get the most ot the space available for your platform. You can also download our PromoDek Instruction Manual for the exact sizes of all the different elements.

The frames surrounding your platform are 10 cm / 4 inch wide. 
What this does for several different platform sizes is best seen in the standard packages info above.

The wide variety of elements in different sizes lets you build a platform to meet your specific requirements. The video below features a 1×1 meter platform (approx. 3.3×3.3 feet).
This is easily upscaled to almost any desired size and a wide variety of shapes.

To build the 1 square meter platform in the video all you need are 4 elements plus a poster and a transparent inlay. These elements let you build nearly all of the platforms featured in our Windo photo album on Flickr.


PromoDek®, sample platforms

PromoDek - Car showroom sports car


All info, and more, provided in this blogpost can also be found in the following pdf’s.
Click to download.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message. Or if you would like to receive a quote right away, please fill out our request a quote form.

And of course, ordering standard packages is easy through our Windo Webshop (Europe only).



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