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Retailers and brands are seeing increasing consumer desire for better access to information while shopping as well as a dramatic shift to online & smartphone usage. Deploying more compelling digital touch points in physical stores and immersive consumer engagement via their smartphones, CustomerConneX™ addresses this new consumer need. CustomerConneX™ is an easy-to-use Content Management solution for creating and managing digital content, remotely supporting digital touch points and monitoring ad campaign effectiveness based on real-time consumer interaction analytics. Using NFC technology and QR codes, CustomerConneX™ harnesses technology already built into more than 50% of all smartphones and these numbers are growing.

Digital advertising for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile marketing is not just for large businesses. CustomerConneX™ gives retailers and brands the power to create & deliver relevant, engaging content to enhance the in-store experience of consumers. Best of all, providing consumers customized offers, promotions and content through their mobile devices helps build brand loyalty and drive sales!

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