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FloorCaster Pro® Showcase: City Supermarket

A FloorCaster Pro was installed at a Spar city supermarket in the The Hague - Netherlands. 
It has been in operation for about a year. Read the full showcase for details and user experiences. 


Showcase timeframe

Start: Oktober 2017

Finish: Ongoing (2018)


FloorCaster® Pro  – powered by  Optoma .

The FloorCaster® Pro is a small but powerful projection system for retail environments. It projects brand messages or advertisement on the floor, right in front of the advertised products. Images and videos can be updated daily, weekly, monthly or, if needed, real-time.

The FloorCaster® Pro can be installed in such a way that it powers up automatically when the store opens, and powers down when the store closes. It can also be easily attached to virtually any type of shelf of retail gondola. Unlike a floorsticker the image doesn’t wear over time, or needs replacement. It’s engaging and fun, attracting attention wherever it is placed. 

 Iris Cornelissen  


 Owner Spar City Supermarket Noordeinde

 The Hague – The Netherlands

First impressions were good! Customers really noticed the images on the floor and stood there watching what would come next! Fellow Spar franchisers were also impressed with the device.

Over time our regular customers got more or less used to the concept of projected floor advertisement. For them the initial wow-factor wore off some.

It’s an easy device to operate, we only adjusted the image focus a couple of times, that’s it. It powered-up automatically when the store opened and shut down when the store closed.

The FloorCaster® Pro was first installed near the chocolate section. After that it was positioned near our fresh sandwiches. It ran in combination with our other advertisement solutions.

All in all a great product! I think we can (and will) do a lot more with it in the future.



Windo Displays

Windo Displays is one of the pioneers of floor advertising. Their products have been used globally for nearly 25 years. The FloorCaster® Pro is their ground-breaking solution for digital display advertisement in retail locations. With a focus on retail locations where space is extremely scarce, such as supermarkets.


Goal of the project was to test the FloorCaster® Pro for a prolonged period of time. The FloorCaster® Pro has been positioned at various locations inside the supermarket.

Feedback was gathered from:

Retail location store owner


Personnel working with/around the FloorCaster® Pro


Store owners

The Spar City Supermarket is a relatively new concept. It has proven to be very successful for Spar to open small(er) city supermarkets at key locations throughout bigger cities. These stores use the latest insights into supermarket layout. Making the most of out of the limited square meters available.

The FloorCaster® Pro turns out to be a perfect fit. Its small size takes up very little valuable shelf space. 80% of the time it meant the FloorCaster® Pro could be installed without altering the shelf layout or product placement.

The FloorCaster® Pro has been running as a stand-alone unit for the whole time. Running an advertisement in so called signage mode. It was also installed in such a way that it turned on when the store opened and turned off when the store closed. Store personnel perceived this as very convenient!

 Ruud Peper

 Windo Displays

 The Hague – The Netherlands

When we installed the FloorCaster® Pro we were certain the product would attract attention and perform well. But expectations were surpassed when we received information requests from people who work in retail and had seen the product at Spar.

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Sandwich deals

The FloorCaster Pro was used to advertise the sandwich day deals.

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Alternating messages in vibrant colours

Bright and colourful video ensured the advertisement couldn’t be missed!

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Multiple devices

Two FloorCaster Pro’s at different key locations.

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