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Article: How shoppers use their smartphones in stores

Nearly 60% of shoppers look up product information and prices while using their mobile phones in stores, making a mobile strategy critical for retailers.

So says Sandy Skrovan in this Retail (Deep) Dive article

And smartphone saturation has only increased since the article was published, and will continue to do so over the following years. It is estimated that in the US there will be 270 million smartphone users by 2022.

Stumbling across Retail Dive’s article only strengthens our believe that this is big opportunity for brands and store owners alike. CustomerConneX™ connects that offline and online world. All without the need for a specialized app.

See for yourself

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Featured image: Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

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  1. Richard Larson August 6, 2019

    Great insights. I think pretty much everyone uses their smartphone when shopping for anything. It is msart to find a way to harness that in your marketing efforts.

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