New Beacon technology by Google

Eddystone™, the new Beacon format from Google

Exciting times for in-store marketing!

At Windo Displays we’re always keen to keep on eye on the development of technologies that present new opportunities for in-store marketing & advertising.

You’ve heard of iBeacon. It has, among other things, made location based marketing possible. iBeacon was announced by Apple in 2013 and uses Bluetooth low energy to transmit signals.

Now Google has announced it’s alternative to iBeacon. They call it Eddystone™ and uses a new method of broadcasting BLE data from beacons. The great thing is that it’s open source and has some more functionality/options than the iBeacon. has made a great short video (and blogpost) on the new Eddystone™ Beacon format

We’re excited to see what this new Beacon format will do for in-store marketing!

In the not to distant future we might even show you some conceptual Windo products that make use of these great connectivity innovations…

The video might look familiar, Apple’s iBeacon being mocked by Google’s Eddystone™. Just as Apple used to do with pc in those incredibly great 00’s adds.

Here’s a compilation so you don’t have to google them yourself.

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