Eye tracking - Smartphone use in Supermarkets

Smartphone usage during shopping makes customers spend way more than planned.

Using a mobile phone on a trip to the supermarket pushes up shopping bills by a hefty 41 per cent, according to researchers from the University of Bath, School of Management.

Their results are in sharp contrast to what they assumed when they set out to investigate the use of smartphones during a trip to the supermarket.

When shoppers use their mobiles to keep up with texts, social media or calls they move around the store at a slower pace, wander along more aisles, and come across extra products.

Each second people spend on their phone equates to an estimated extra 20-40p at the checkout.

In the first of a two-part study the researchers found that people added 45% more products, and this rose to 58% in the second study.

The study was based in a supermarket setting but the researchers anticipate that the findings would hold out in other sectors, such as fast fashion, where shoppers are buying items with a low or moderate cost.

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Featured image credit: Carl-Philip Ahlbom, University of Bath


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