Windo® Displays Introduces…

Customer ConneX™

All your in-store campaigns. One platform.

In retail, it’s all about customer experience, interaction and engagement. Organizations today have an opportunity and responsibility to engage consumers in retail with digital communications that create emotional connections between customers and brands through immersive encounters we call “digital in-store experiences.” Mobile experiences have become a platform that can support these initiatives, and can be utilized to self-educate, navigate, compare, validate and more deeply connect.

Customer ConneX™ is the ultimate location-based marketing solution and an easy-to-use campaign management solution, revolutionizing the way brands and retailers connect with their customers in retail stores via their smartphones. Using NFC technology, Customer ConneX™ harnesses technology already built into more than 50% of all smartphones and these numbers are growing. Customer ConneX™ enables campaign owners to gain full access to rapidly create, modify, manage their in- store marketing campaigns and even monitor on campaign effectiveness based on customer interaction.

Learn more about Customer ConneX™

To learn more about Customer ConneX™ visit the product page in the Windo Displays website. Or you can sign up for a free trial and create your first campaign today!

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