Floor advertising, history of the FloorWindo – part 1

Part 1. The mid eighties, a bunch of students on a university assignment for a rubber shoe sole company in heavy weather.

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Who had guessed that a visit to Delft’s railway station, through which those students passed each day on their way to the famous Delft University of Technology, would be what sparked the idea for the Infomat. One of the, if not thé first poster display for on the floor. An innovative product which would later be known as the FloorWindo.

FloorWindo Classic

It was the trains time-table, displayed in the central hall, which gave rise to the idea of the Infomat.  A rubber mat in which a poster could be displayed underneath a transparent screen.

They realized that the floor was one of the last places in shops and supermarkets that could be used for marketing and display purposes.

The students proudly presented the concept to the shoe sole company, but they never really picked it up.

(The old) Delft Railway station

Delft railway station [picture: Stichting architectuurgids Delft]

Visit again! Read on next week!

The story continuous, from idea to concept, how one student took a leap of faith..
Can’t wait? Take a leap 25 years into the future, this FloorWindo is what it would eventually lead to.

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