FloorCaster® Pro – Power up your floor promotions

FloorCaster® Pro – The latest in floor advertising

FloorCaster® Pro is a powerful compact projector system specially developed for the retail environment. It projects images and video onto the retail floor, enabling retailers and brands to communicate their messages right at the point of sale.


Bright advertising 

FloorCaster® Pro is a small but powerfull projector. Designed to work in well lit retail conditions. 

Irresistible shopping

Use the FloorCaster® Pro for new product introductions, promotions, brand-building, campaigns or store navigation. 

LED technology 

The FloorCaster® Pro uses powerfull LED light. Giving a razor sharp HD image that wil last for years. 

Floor Advertising 2.0 

With its sleek and modern design, the FloorCaster® Pro fits any gondola or shelving unit. 

Very very easy installation 

Designed to be installed in a matter of minutes. The FloorCaster® Pro uses a super strong neodymium magnet which attaches to most metal surfaces. All without the need for screws or special equipment.Alternatively the provided rings and bolts can be used. This works specifically well for attaching the FloorCaster® Pro to a wire frame gondola.

Theft prevention 

Every FloorCaster® Pro has a standard Kensington Security Slot™ (6). Making it really easy to secure your device and prevent theft. 

Changing your message on the spot 

Each new brand or advertisement message is simply uploaded onto the memory of the FloorCaster® Pro and can be easilychanged on the spot. 

Endless possibilities 

Adding video or using carrousel function adds even more to the attraction and customer experience in the store. 

Signage mode

FloorCaster® Pro is a stand alone signage device. It turns on automatically when AC power is supplied. It can also be set to then automatically start playing a pre-selected video playlist. All without having to push a single button!

Expanding your existing signage campaign 

The FloorCaster® Pro can just as easily be used to expand your existing signage campaign. Simply pick the signage box of your choice and connect via HDMI. TheFloorCaster® Pro will start projecting your remotely controlled signage message right at the point of sale. All without taking up the space of a television screen! 

We’ve tested the FloorCaster Pro at a Spar City Supermarket.


FloorCaster Pro Showcase

Think outside the box

Or just think "outside"

The FloorCaster® Pro is a great way to expand your advertisement space.
Use a FloorCaster® Pro to project your deals onto the street after closing time.

Or even during opening hours when it starts getting darker outside!

Place your FloorCaster® Pro safely inside and simply project through your window onto the pavement.

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FloorCaster® Pro – Compact & Powerfull

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