FloorWindo® A1 5 Glossy

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Be advised, this GLOSSY FloorWindo A1-5 is for absolute dry conditions only! 

Our regular FloorWindo A1-5 ClearGrip  is the prefered option for 99% of the time

Poster Size

A1 poster
594 × 841 mm / 23.4 × 33.1 in




Use in absolutely dry conditions only!

Poster Exchange

Side insert

Anti-slip Backing

FloorfiX™ Anti-slip Grid


5-series – slim protective frame design


Pantone® Process Black

Dimensions & Weights

Length x width: 899×632 mm / 35.4×24.9 in
Height: 4,2 mm / 0.17 in
Weight: 2,5 kg. / 5.5 lbs
Packaged weight: 3,07 kg. / 6.77 lbs.


Recommended paper weight: 135 grams

Recommended paper finish: Coated


Glossy surface designed for low traffic areas.
Ensure that the ink on the printed poster is completely dry (at least 24 hours) before inserting into display.
Place only on a dustfree and flat surface.
Use in dry conditions only.
Place the FloorWindo® just outside of high-traffic walking areas. This will help increase the life of the FloorWindo® while still creating maximum impact for your advertising message.


Keep you FloorWindo clean.
Use a non-scratching detergent and/or clean (damp microfiber) cloth.


The FloorWindo® is reusable and PVC free!

Download or view the Windo Displays Green Through Innovation document here.

Specificaties voor de " FloorWindo® A1 5 Glossy "

The 5-series FloorWindo A1 but with a beautiful glossy surface area for maximum impact. Be advised, this product is NOT ADA compliant and is NOT NFSI Certified (National Floor Safety Institute for slip resistant). For absolute dry conditions only.

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