DeskWindo® Let 5 standard black

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Poster Size

US-Letter poster
8.5 × 11 in / 297,5 × 216 mm




Anti-reflective & scratch-resistant PET-G

Poster Exchange

Side insert

Anti-slip Backing

5-series – Anti-slip rubber grid


5-series – slim protective frame design


Pantone® Process Black

Dimensions & Weights

Length x width: 9.4 x 11.6 in / 238 x 295mm 
Height: 0.11 in / 2,8 mm
Weight: 0.32 lbs / 0,145 kg.
Packaged weight: 0.36 lbs. / 0,165 kg.


Recommended paper weight: 135 grams

Recommended paper finish: Coated


DeskWindo® is ideal for most retail environments including post offices and sales kiosks, banks or fast food restaurants to display pricing, promotions, etc.


Keep you DeskWindo® clean.
Use a non-scratching detergent and/or clean (damp microfiber) cloth.


DeskWindo® is reusable and PVC free!

Download or view the Windo Displays Green Through Innovation document here.

Specificaties voor de " DeskWindo® Let 5 standard black "

The DeskWindo® 5-series is totally redesigned from top to bottom. The protruding window displays your message beautifully while at the same time protecting the anti-skid rubber. Even thinner than its predecessor it lays perfectly flat on any counter top or info stand. The anti-skid backside ensures it stays in place without the need for messy adhesives. Making it easy to lift up and clean alongside and underneath. The US-Letter poster size is inescapable and fits even the smallest counter tops without taking up valuable space!


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