PromoDek® Modular Floor Display System

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The ideal trade show and event flooring system


The ideal system

PromoDek® is the ideal trade show and event flooring system that offers the easiest and most flexible solution to step up your next promotion.

Build your brand 

Whether showcasing a new model of vehicle, adding dimension to the trade show floor or demonstrating a new product, PromoDek® is an exceptional platform to help build your brand on!

In a snap 

The standard building elements from PromoDek® simply snap together to create an exceptional platform and it hides unsightly cables and wiring. 

Quick & Easy 

3×6 meter platform assembled in 20 minutes or less without the need for any tools or specialised help. It’s as easy as that! 

View PromoDek® quick install guide (pdf):


PromoDek® can be easily expanded by adding additional elements that can be placed in many shapes and sizes. 


By simply updating the graphics or inlays PromoDek® offers you a new and creative platform for any event.

Optimal performance 

In addition to being a exceptional presentation platform, PromoDek® is very durable and can withstand up to 1,250 kg per 10×10 cm. Strong enough to support a vehicle, light enough that one person can install it.

Compact and lightweight 

And with all this strength, PromoDek® is also very lightweight and compact requiring minimal space for storage and shipping. That’s over 55 square meters of PromoDek® on a single pallet! 


Reusable for all your campaigns, trade shows and events


Use PromoDek® for trade show and event flooring, product presentations, dealer showrooms, retail displays, shop-in-shop, and much more!

PromoDek® in action

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