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Floor Advertisement works! It is a proven method for increasing brand awareness and driving in-store sales up to 50%. Read all about the power and effectiveness of in-store floor advertisement here.

Increase brand awareness. Drive sales.

Floor stickers or FloorWindo®?

When selecting the right in-store communication tools for the job, floor stickers do not always come to mind straightaway. However, the floor is increasing in popularity lately. Why is this? Biologically, we are hardwired to watch where we are going. We instinctively scan the surface and decide where to place our feet. This protects us from tripping and other hazards. This is one of the main reasons why floor stickers and other graphics on the floor tend to get noticed more than, say, posters hanging from the ceiling. To give you an idea of how people scan their environment when shopping, click to watch video. In-store, the amount of communication at eye-level and up is huge. In comparison, the floor is relatively unused.

This creates a great opportunity for a floor sticker to stand out and be seen, get your message across and get results. Unfortunately, floor stickers tend to have a few shortcomings too.

– Floor stickers can only be used once. After the campaign, the old ones need to be removed and new floor stickers have to be printed and carefully placed again. – Once placed, floor stickers can not be repositioned.

– Floor stickers wear away by traffic, damaging the image and overall appearance of the message.

– Most floor sticker are not suitable for all surfaces, such as carpet.

Around twenty years ago, the first FloorWindo® was developed to enable brands and retailers to still enjoy the benefits of floor advertising, but without the shortcomings of a floor sticker!

Just like a poster frame mounted on the wall, a FloorWindo® is a single purchase. The posters are simply replaced every new campaign. No more expensive printing and applying of floor stickers. The word flexibility best describes the key advantages of FloorWindo® for the user, as compared to a floor sticker:

– Adjust the message, easily replace a poster when needed. Be in control.
– Reposition the message, simply pick up and place the display elsewhere.
– FloorWindo® can be placed on all conventional surfaces, such as carpet, wood, tiles etc.
– FloorWindo® can easily be cleaned, and protects the graphic from damaging. In order to achieve the desired effect of the message, the overall