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DeskWindo® Tab 5 standard black

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13,95 €

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Poster Size

US-Tabloid poster
11 × 17 in / 279,5 × 432 mm




Anti-reflective & scratch-resistant PET-G

Poster Exchange

Side insert

Anti-slip Backing

5-series – Anti-slip rubber grid


5-series – slim protective frame design


Pantone® Process Black

Dimensions & Weights

Length x width: 11.8 x 17.6 in / 299,5 x 448 mm 
Height: 0.11 in / 2,8 mm
Weight: 0.60 lbs. / 0,27 kg.
Packaged weight: 0.66 lbs. / 0,30 kg.


Recommended paper weight: 135 grams

Recommended paper finish: Coated


DeskWindo® is ideal for most retail environments including post offices and sales kiosks, banks or fast food restaurants to display pricing, promotions, etc.


Keep you DeskWindo® clean.
Use a non-scratching detergent and/or clean (damp microfiber) cloth.


DeskWindo® is reusable and PVC free!

Download or view the Windo Displays Green Through Innovation document here.

Specifications for " DeskWindo® Tab 5 standard black "

The DeskWindo® 5-series is totally redesigned from top to bottom. The protruding window displays your message beautifully while at the same time protecting the anti-skid rubber. Even thinner than its predecessor it lays perfectly flat on any counter top or info stand. The anti-skid backside ensures it stays in place without the need for messy adhesives. Making it easy to lift up and clean alongside and underneath. Tabloid poster size makes sure there is no way around your message, wether it’s general info or a last minute call to action!


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