There’s a reason why the world’s leading brands and retailers choose Windo® display products for their in-store promotions.

They are the ideal solution for most retail environments including post offices and sales kiosks, banks or fast food restaurants to display pricing, promotions, etc.

User Country Product Branch

7-Eleven Australia DeskWindo® A3PP Grocery

Abbott Labs USA DeskWindo® A3PP Pharma

Abus Germany DeskWindo® A4 5 Hardware

Advance Auto Parts USA DeskWindo® A3 PP Automotive

Aktiesport The Netherlands DeskWindo® A4 5 Leisure

Alain Afflelou Spain DeskWindo® A4 5 Optician

American Style Iceland FloorWindo® A1 Restaurant

Bayer Netherlands DeskWindo® A4PP – Customised with Screenprint Pharma

Bayer Australia DeskWindo® A4PP – Customised with Screenprint Pharma

Bayer Value Canada DeskWindo® A3 5 – Customised with logo sticker Pharma

Beeline Russia DeskWindo® A4 5 Customized Telecom

Belkin Australia FloorWindo® 4A4 Consumer Products

Belkin The Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 Consumer Products

Best Buy Canada DeskWindo® A3 Retail

Best Buy USA DeskWindo® A3 Retail

Biohorma Belgium DeskWindo® A4 PP Pharma

Boegringer Ingelheim Belgium FloorWindo® 4A4 – Customised with screenprint Pharma

BP UK DeskWindo® A3PP Petrol

BP Spain DeskWindo® A3PP Petrol

BP Malaysia DeskWindo® A3PP Petrol

Brown & Williamson Tobacco USA USA FloorWindo® A1 Tobacco

Brown Shoe Company USA FloorWindo® B1 Retail

Burger King UAE DeskWindo® A3PP – Customised with Logo Embossing and Coloured Frame Restaurant

Canada Post Canada DeskWindo® A3 PC Service

Canadian Tire Canada Deskwindo® A3 PC Retail

Canon Schweiz AG Switzerland DeskWindo® A3PP – Red Frame Consumer Products

Canon Schweiz AG Switzerland FloorWindo® A1 Consumer Products

Carlit + Ravensburger AG Switzerland FloorWindo® 4A4 Leisure

Carrefour Colombia FloorWindo® A0 NG Grocery

Casey’s General Store USA DeskWindo® 85 5 Retail

Cepsa Spain DeskWindo® A4PP Petrol

Cepsa Spain DeskWindo® A3 5 Petrol

Cintamani Iceland FloorWindo® A1 Fashion

Conforama France DeskWindo® A3 PP Retail

Cooperatie Primera The Netherlands Deskwindo® A3 PC Retail

CT Lottery USA DeskWindo® A3PP – Customised Lottery

Dairy Queen USA DeskWindo® A3PP Restaurant

Danish Post Danmark DeskWindo® A4 PC Services

Debitel Germany FloorWindo® A1 Telecom

Deichmann Germany Deskwindo® A4 PC – Customised with Coloured Frame Retail

Denner AG Switzerland FloorWindo® A1 Personal Care

Dick’s Sporting Goods USA DeskWindo® A3 5 Leisure

E-Plus Germany DeskWindo® A4 5 Telecom

EB Games Canada FloorWindo® A1 5 Media

Edeka Germany FloorWindo® A1 5 Grocery

Elmex The Netherlands DeskWindo® A4 PP Pharma

Elmex Belgium DeskWindo® A4 PP Pharma

Erste Bank Austria DeskWindo® A4PP Financial

Esso United Kingdom DeskWindo® A4PP Petrol

Etihad Airways UAE WipeWindo® 4A4 Airway

Exxon Mobil Australia DeskWindo® A3PC Petrol

Free Record Shop The Netherlands FloorWindo 4A4 NG Media

Fujifilm UK FloorWindo® A1 Consumer Products

Fujifilm Germany DeskWindo® Consumer Products

Galp Spain DeskWindo® A4PP Petrol

Game Spain FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Game Spain DeskWindo® A4PP Retail

Game UK DeskWindo® A4PP Retail

GameStop USA FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Gamma Netherlands FloorWindo® A0 Hardware

GM Goodwrench Service Canada Deskwindo® A3 PC Automotive

Guinness (DIAGEO) Ireland FloorWindo® A1 Drinks

Habitat Iceland FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Hagkaup Iceland FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Hans Anders The Netherlands Deskwindo® A3 5 Optician

Heineken Ireland DeskWindo® A3PC Drinks

Hollywood Video USA DeskWindo® 85PP Leisure

Hoya Italy DeskWindo® A4 5 Customized Optician

I amsterdam Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 Brand

Idaho Lottery USA DeskWindo® A3PP – Customised with screenprinted logo Lottery

INA Croatia DeskWindo® A4 5 Petrol

InterDiscount Switzerland FloorWindo® 4A4 Retail

Jack & Jones – Bestseller A/S Denmark FloorWindo® A1 Fashion

Jumbo Markt AG Switzerland DeskWindo® A3PP – IceTones Transparent Retail

K2 Sports Germany FloorWindo® A1 – Customised with Screenprint Sports

Kabel Deutschland Germany WipeWindo A1 5 Pro K Media

Kentucky Fried Chicken UK DeskWindo® Restaurant

Kentucky Fried Chicken The Netherlands DeskWindo® A3PC Restaurant

Kentucky Fried Chicken Germany DeskWindo® A3PP, A4PP Restaurant

Kik Textil-Diskont Germany FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Knack Belgium WipeWindo® A1 Publication

Koti Pizza Finland DeskWindo® A4 5 Restaurant

Lotto Netherlands DeskWindo® A4PP – Customised with screenprint and coloured frame Lottery

Lowes Home Improvement USA DeskWindo® A3 5 series Hardware

Matkahuolto Finland DeskWindo® A4 PP Transportation

McDonald’s UK DeskWindo® A3 5 Restaurant

McDonald’s Canada DeskWindo® A3PP Restaurant

McDonald’s Netherlands DeskWindo® A3PP – Red Frame Restaurant

McDonalds Hongary DeskWindo® A4 PP Restaurant

Meda Pharma BV Netherlands FloorWindo® 4A4 Pharma

Mediamarkt The Netherlands DeskWindo® A4 5 Retail

Microsoft Germany FloorWindo® A1 Software

Migros Switzerland FloorWindo® A1 Retail

N1 Iceland FloorWindo® A1 Petrol

Nespresso Austria FloorWindo® A1 – Customised with Screenprint Consumer Products

NestlÈ Suisse S.A. Switzerland FloorWindo® 4A4 Food

NVM – Real Estate Association Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 Association

Orange Switzerland DeskWindo® A3PP Telecom

PathÈ (Cinema) Switzerland FloorWindo® A1 Leisure

Perry The Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 5 Leisure

PGG Wrightson New Zealand FloorWindo® A1 Agriculture

Philips The Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 Consumer Products

Plastex Oy Finland FloorWindo 4A4 NG Consumer Products

PostNL The Netherlands DeskWindo® A3 PC Services

Procter & Gamble Israel DeskWindo® A4 PP Consumer Products

Ricola Vertriebs AG Switzerland DeskWindo® A4PP – IceTones Yellow Food

Rite Aid USA DeskWindo® 85 5 Pharma

RONA Canada Deskwindo® A3 PP Hardware

Royal Canin Canada DeskWindo® A3 PP Pet Food

Royal Canin Sweden DeskWindo® A4 5- Customized Pet Food

Royal Canin Schweiz AG Switzerland DeskWindo® A4PP – Red Frame Pet Food

Sears Canada Canada (Newtec) FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Shell Netherlands DeskWindo® A4 5 Petrol

Shell The Netherlands DeskWindo® A4PP Petrol

Smirnoff (DIAGEO) Ireland DeskWindo® A3PC Drinks

Snai Italy FloorWindo 4A4 NG Lottery

Sony The Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 5 Consumer Products

Sony Belgium FloorWindo® A1 5 Consumer Products

Sony PlayStation Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 Leisure

Sparkasse Germany DeskWindo® A3PP Financial

SsangYong Netherlands FloorWindo® A0 Automotive

Staatsloterij Netherlands FloorWindo® A1 – Customised with Screenprint Lottery

Staatsloterij Netherlands DeskWindo® A4PP – Customised with Screenprint and Coloured Frame Lottery

Starbucks Spain DeskWindo® A3PP Restaurant

Subway USA DeskWindo® 85 PP Restaurant

T-Mobile Netherlands DeskWindo® A3PP – Customised with screenprinted logo and coloured frame Telecom

TAMOIL Spain DeskWindo® A3PP Petrol

Target Australia FloorWindo® A1 Retail

Teknosa Turkey DeskWindo® A4 5 Retail

Tele 2 Switzerland DeskWindo® A3PP Telecom

Telecom New Zealand FloorWindo® A1 Telecom

Three – Hutchison 3G UK Limite UK DeskWindo® A4PP Telecom

Tiscali Netherlands DeskWindo® A3PP – Customised with Screenprinting Internet

TJX USA DeskWindo® A3 5 Retail

TOK Finland FloorWindo® A1 5 Retail

VARTA The Netherlands Deskwindo® A3 5 Consumer Products

Vichy Laboratoires Nederland FloorWindo® 4A4 Pharma

Vidskiptabladid Iceland FloorWindo® A1 Tabloid

Vodafone Spain DeskWindo® A3PC Telecom

Volkswagen Bank Netherlands FloorWindo® 4A4 Financial

VSM Belgium Belgium DeskWindo® A4PC Pharma

Walmart Financial USA DeskWindo® 85 Custom blue frame Retail

Winners Canada DeskWindo® 85 5 Retail

Winston – Japan Tobacco Intern Romania DeskWindo® A3PP – Customised with Logo Embossing and Coloured Frame Tobacco

Wizards Belgium DeskWindo® A4PP Leisure

W¸rth Germany FloorWindo® A0 NG Manufacturing

Yokohama Tires USA DeskWindo® A3 5 Automotive

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