Floor advertising vs counter advertising
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Floor advertising vs counter advertising
Windo Displays, Arthur Diephuis

With 82% of purchasing decisions made while in a store, in store advertising is a very effective way of advertising. This way of advertising gives you heaps of possibilities to promote your brand. But should you use counter advertising to get your message across or does floor advertising suit your marketing objectives better? In this article we will give you both the pros and cons of counter and floor advertising. 

What is floor advertising?

Advertising on the floor can help you promote your brand or point your customers in the right direction. It is an eye-catching promotional tool, especially when wall or counter space may be at a premium. Graphic communication from the floor is ideal for directing traffic in your retail space, at a trade show, or another special event. It can be placed on almost any surface. This is why the use of floor decals (stickers) and the use of the FloorWindo are great ways to stimulate your sales and raise brand recall and awareness. 

But do you choose floor stickers or a FloorWindo? A floor sticker may at first seem to be the cheaper option. But it’s not. With its single-use design, it’s a short term solution that can degrade very quickly. A FloorWindo is reusable, long lasting and very easy to use. You can simply replace the poster and your next campaign is ready to go. From a summer sale to an autumn offer or a winter discount. All the way into spring and straight through to next year's summer! 

The pros of floor advertising

Studies show that using floor advertising can lead to an increase of sales of 25%. Using floor advertising close to the advertised product stimulates impulse buying. It stands out without taking up any precious sales space. Besides, people tend to look where they walk - and they definitely look at whatever breaks the pattern on the floor. To give you an idea of how people scan their environment when shopping, you can watch this video. In-store, the amount of communication at eye-level and up is huge. In comparison, the floor is relatively unused. Floor advertising takes advantage of this unused floor space creating maximum exposure right where it really matters. 

The cons of floor advertising

Floor graphics can get dirty or scuffed when people walk on them. Especially stickers may wear away by traffic, damaging the image and overall appearance of the message. The FloorWindo poster display however, provides an excellent solution for this problem. The unique extended protective window protects your advertising poster and the frame from dirt and scuffs. 

Another con is that people can trip or slip over the floor graphic. Cheap materials can curl at the edges and become a trip hazard for customers. The FloorWindo’s CleargriP™ protective window is designed with both clarity and safety in mind. All FloorWindo’s meet the NFSI standard for slip-resistance. FloorWindo CleargriP™ was tested according to the ASTM and BIA standards and was executed in both dry and wet conditions. FloorfiX™ grid provides an optimal fixation on most flat and smooth floor surfaces. The grid allows for easy repositioning of the FloorWindo without damaging the floor.

What is counter advertising?

Counter mat advertising is used for point-of-sale promotions in post offices, (fast food) restaurants, gas stations, supermarket checkouts & info counters, museums, etc. It allows advertisers to put their brand and promotional message in front of consumers at the check-out or customer service counter areas. In-store counter and poster fixtures are used by major brands, retailers and restaurants worldwide to get their brand message across. A changeable advertising fixture on the counter of a store allows retailers to display important information or current promotions. Many stores all over the world use DeskWindo fixtures for their counter advertising.

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The pros of counter advertising

A counter advertisement is displayed at a place where people stand in line. They pause as they wait for the cashier to finish or for their product to be wrapped. Attention is focused on the counter, where your customer places their products to pay for them. It’s also the place where last minute buying decisions are made. Counter advertising provides an excellent opportunity to reach your customers right at the checkout. 

There are many forms of counter advertising, from taped paper and stickers to specially designed counter mats. Worlds #1 countermat is the DeskWindo. This ultra-thin Dutch design poster display looks great and does what it’s supposed to do. Making your message stand out!

The cons of counter advertising

Messy paper taped to the counter or worn out mats are examples of counter advertising done badly. The counter is a place where a lot of stuff slides back and forth. Wear and tear is easily made. It is important that items can slide smoothly from one side of the counter to the other. The ultra-thin and sleek design of the DeskWindo provides maximum impact without compromising the surface area. It lies snug on every counter surface, has a clear display and your graphics can be updated in just seconds. The mat includes an anti-slip profile for an optimal fixation on most flat and smooth counter surfaces. The windows curved edge allows groceries, bags, boxes and other items to gently slide over the DeskWindo with ease. Years of experience and feedback from loyal customers have taught us that a counter mat should never be an obstacle for you or your customer. 

Hopefully this article helps you decide on which way of in-store advertising suits your marketing objectives. Need some more help? Please feel free to reach out!

Floor advertising vs counter advertising
Windo Displays, Arthur Diephuis 13 September, 2022
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