Floor advertising: why should you do it - and how?
9 November, 2020 by
Floor advertising: why should you do it - and how?
Windo Displays, Arthur Diephuis

Studies show that using floor advertising can lead to an increase of sales of 20 to 50%. Using floor advertising close to the advertised product stimulates impulse buying. It stands out without taking up any precious sales space. So why would you not use floor advertising? We’re here to guide you to the best possible use of floor advertising. 

People tend to look where they walk - and they definitely look at whatever breaks the pattern on the floor. This is why the use of floor decals (stickers) and the use of the FloorWindo are great ways to stimulate your sales and raise brand recall and awareness. 

Where to use floor advertising? 

The first place where you would think of when talking about the deployment of floor advertising - and especially the FloorWindo - is supermarkets. A logical idea, since this is the place we’re thinking of in terms of (instore) advertising. This is the place where we’ve seen floor decals before. It’s also the place where multiple promotions are ran. But as logical as it may sound, this is not the retail environment where you can find most FloorWindo’s. 

Supermarkets that allow floor advertising are often using floor decals. Instore promotions in supermarkets are often controlled by contracted media companies who ‘exclusively’ run the instore advertising, using video screens, poster signs, floor decals and more. From their business model it makes sense that they’d rather stick something on the floor than to use a FloorWindo, with the risk that somebody picks it up to clean the floor and repositions it at the wrong spot. 

Nevertheless, we see plenty of opportunities in the supermarkets for FloorWindo. In fact, every supermarket should have a couple of FloorWindo’s they can deploy at any given moment when needed. Think of rerouting, warning signs, last minute promotions etcetera. But generally speaking, from experience, there are many more retail formulas that may well be more suitable to use the FloorWindo.

Floor advertising in bigger retail stores

Bigger retail stores (the so called big box retailers, general retailers, category killers or category specialist stores) have many stories to tell. Stories about their loyalty program, credit facilities, interest rates, special (promotional) sections in the store, routing, sales corners, charities and more. The bigger retail stores do not always have a tiled shop floor, but also use wood, concrete or carpet. This means you need a multifunctional floor display that can be used at any type of flooring.

And that’s where the FloorWindo comes in. Instore communication is important and with changing promotions and stories to tell, you need a versatile display to do so. The changeability and the flexibility to reposition makes the FloorWindo a most valuable promotional asset that, well maintained and positioned, does the job for years!

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How others use their FloorWindo displays 

Many stores have been using our FloorWindo displays for years. First of all, we’ve got a big box store in furniture and beds that has been using the FloorWindo for 3 years now. They’ve got over a thousand stores throughout Europe and purchased 4000 units of the FloorWindo A1-5, which they distributed to all their stores in Europe. The (instore) marketing department of the retailer distributed new posters on a monthly / bi-monthly bases to all the stores. They included instructions for promo dates and positioning in the stores. Like when to use and where to put the FloorWindo. Because replacing a poster in the FloorWindo is simple and understandable, this could easily be handled by the store employees. From store checks we learned that the staff was well informed by the management on how to use the FloorWindo. And since it’s an integral part of the instore communication, the acceptance was high and the effectiveness recognized! 

Floor advertising also works great for a DIY brand, which has ordered a thousand FloorWindo’s A1-5. The purchase was made through the ad agent of the brand and distributed to DIY stores where this particular brand’s products are sold. They asked us to insert their promotional posters and put another 5 different posters in the package. Every FloorWindo was equipped with 6 promotions. The changing of the promotions was done by the sales team of the brand. This gives the sales team a reason to enter the store, check the presentation of the products and brand and change the promotion. 

Is that all? Most certainly not! A big box electronics store also purchased 1200 FloorWindo’s A1-5. The displays were distributed to all the branches of their two retail formulas. The purchase was made though the ad agent of the retailer and from there shipped to a fulfillment company, that makes sure the right posters are added. They also take care of the distribution to the individual outlets. The stores often have carpet on the floor and want to be flexible with their communication. The FloorWindo’s are intended to be used for advertising and (Covid-19) communication in the stores. This shows how you could easily stay up to date and send the message you’d like to communicate - at the right time and place. 

Floor advertising as a part of your communication strategy

Our cases show that floor advertising should be an important part of your communication strategy. Sure, it’s costly to buy a FloorWindo for a 2 week promotion - but if you integrate the display in your overall strategy and use it for a longer period of time, there is no alternative product that has the same attention value and low cost of ownership as a FloorWindo! With a FloorWindo as part of your standard inventory, you’ve got all you need for promotions, but also for instant and emergency communication such as during the Covid crisis.

Floor advertising: why should you do it - and how?
Windo Displays, Arthur Diephuis 9 November, 2020
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