• Advanced Cleaning Techniques

  • We believe a happy customer is a returning customer. So we will do everything in our power to make sure you are fully satisfied with your Windo® product. This also means being able to use your DeskWindo® or FloorWindo®, or any other Windo® Displays product, for as long as possible. And in the best possible condition. Keeping your product clean ensures your message stands out time and time again. Our products are very easy to maintain, just follow our simple instructions for the best result!


Cleaning your DeskWindo®

You want your message to be crisp and clean, so we advise to clean your DeskWindo® every time you put a new poster inside. Or at least once a week, depending on it's usage. 

Follow these 5 simple steps below to get the most out of your DeskWindo® with every new sales campaign! 

1. Get the proper tools

Whether you want to make your message shine as new, or you’re trying to get some major stains of your DeskWindo®, you can make your DeskWindo® look great with a few simple cleaning supplies in no time!

We advice:

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Clean drying cloth

  • Non toxic cleaning spray* - for major stains only

    *Don’t use harsh chemicals. These might shorten the lifespan of your  DeskWindo®.  

2. Wetten the microfiber cloth

To make the most out of the cleaning process, you need the microfiber cloth to be damp. Nothing more and nothing less!  

Really, only a damp microfiber cloth? Yes! We were hesitant ar first too, but we tested and tested and tested. We created a special page just to explain why microfiber works just so well. Follow this link. 

We created a special page just to explain why microfiber works so well.

We had a hard time believing in the magic of microfiber too. But extensive testing convinced us! 

3. Clean in a circular motion

Or in straight lines. Or in squares. It really doesn't matter! 

Just make sure not to apply excessive pressure. This could result in tiny tiny scratches on the surface of your DeskWindo®.

4. Really Tough Stains?

If you have some really tough stains you can use a mild cleaning spray. 

Spray some cleaning spray on your DeskWindo® and let it soak for a minute. Then just get your microfiber cloth and wipe the stains off.  

5. Clean the backside too

Over time the anti-skid backside might have picked up some dust.

If you wipe off the backside with a damp microfiber cloth the rubber will regain its excellent fixation capabilities. Don't forget to also clean the countertop surface where you place your DeskWindo®!

Make sure both are completely dry before putting the DeskWindo® back in place.  


Slide in a new poster, because your DeskWindo® is ready for your next campaign!  

Is there anything else we can help you with?

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