Counter advertising: why should you do it - and how?
5 July, 2022 by
Counter advertising: why should you do it - and how?
Windo Displays, Arthur Diephuis

No less than 82% of purchasing decisions are made while in a store. 62% made an impulse buy while shopping, and 16% of their unplanned purchases were driven by in-store promotions*. This makes you think twice about your in-store promotions, doesn’t it? Counter advertising provides an excellent opportunity to reach out to your customer right at the checkout. In this article we’re going to guide you to the best possible use of counter advertising. 

Why use counter advertising?

69% of shoppers recall seeing in-store product advertisements and, more importantly, those impressions led to browsing (69%) and buying (61%) the product*. This makes counter advertising one of the best ways to promote your product or brand. It’s at a place where people stand in line, pause as they wait for the cashier to finish or for their product to be wrapped. Attention is focused on the counter, where your customer places their products to pay for them. It’s also the place where last minute buying decisions are made. Counter advertising provides an excellent opportunity to reach your customers right at the checkout. There are many forms of counter advertising, from taped paper and stickers to specially designed counter mats. Worlds #1 countermat is the DeskWindo. This ultra-thin Dutch design poster display looks great and does what it’s supposed to do. Making your message stand out! It lies snug on every counter surface, has a clear display and your graphics can be updated in just seconds.

Counter advertising by world's most renowned brands

With clients in more than 50 countries, our in-store counter and poster displays are used by major brands, retailers and restaurants. And of course there’s a reason why the world’s leading brands and retailers choose Windo Display products for their in-store promotions. They are the ideal solution for most retail environments including post offices, sales kiosks, banks or fast food restaurants to display information, promotions, etc. Click here for a list of the world’s biggest brands that have used our products over and over again.

How others use their DeskWindo displays

Many stores all over the world use DeskWindo displays for their counter advertising. For example, each check-out counter of CVS Pharmacy in the US is equipped with a DeskWindo counter display. This drugstore chain uses the DeskWindo to draw attention to their special 'care pass'. Especially for CVS we provided each DeskWindo with a customer poster after production. Even the packaging was modified so that each branch could easily be supplied with the right number of DeskWindo's, including placement instructions. 

Also Subway customers were targeted at the order counter for the delicious specialty sandwiches that were on sale. In front of them there was a DeskWindo in this fast food chain's green corporate color.

Spanish gas station chain Repsol draws attention to their loyalty card by having a clear message at the checkout. In Spain they have 4 languages, so it came in handy that the gas stations could provide the DeskWindo’s with the right language. In the Netherlands the 

Dutch Lottery (Nederlandse Loterij) has tons of outlets all over the country. Year in and year out they use DeskWindo at the counters where they sell their lottery tickets. What better way to draw attention right at the point of sale? 

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Counter advertising as a part of your communication strategy

Discovering the customer’s journey is the first step in setting up a complete marketing

strategy. Which channels do they use? Where can they be introduced to your brand?

When do they eventually make their purchase? And how can you influence the process of

making a decision?

Once people are visiting the store: what do they want to see or know next? Use in-store

communication to tell more about your brand, your story, your values and of course

your products and promotions. For this, highly effective counter advertising should be part of your in-store communication strategy.

Be sure to also check what customers do after their purchase. Your marketing strategy

doesn’t end with in-store marketing. How can you reach your customers after buying a

product? How can you turn a regular customer into a loyal customer? The right research

can definitely make a difference in setting up your (in-store) marketing strategy!  


Counter advertising: why should you do it - and how?
Windo Displays, Arthur Diephuis 5 July, 2022
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