Showroom Advertising

Put your products on a pedestal. Inform your customers as they enter the store.
Cross sell or upsell when your customer is about to make their purchasing decision.

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Modular floor displays system. Step up your next promotion

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Poster display. Maximum exposure right where it really matters

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Poster display. Inform, Upsell or cross-sell right at the counter

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Improve customer experience. Drive sales.


Improve customer experience

You strive to improve customer experience and communicate to more customers. Windo® display products can help you do that. Update your message as quickly as you need to with our lineup of innovative displays.

Drive sales.

Ensure that your brand message stands out by reactivating your advertising campaign right where it matters the most! Windo® poster displays can provide you with the final link to a successful campaign and help you drive sales.

Build your brand

You’re doing an exceptional job bringing customers into your showroom. Now it’s time to educate and sell them on your products or services. Our innovative display products are there to enhance your presentation and build your brand.

Educate your customers

When you have a busy showroom, a customer waiting to be served can also be an opportunity. Don’t just let them wait around, educate them about your brand by communicating from our innovative display solutions including FloorWindo® and PromDek®.

Your showroom. Your brand.

Your showroom is your masterpiece and it’s where all the magic happens. Countless hours and dollars have gone into making it perfect. Make sure that your brand speaks to your customer where it really matters.

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